We Stand By Our Vending Machines
and The High-Quality Products We Offer

We offer our customers a wide variety of healthy snacks they can enjoy, from energy bars to granola bars. Our selection has something for every taste bud – from salty to sweet – so you can get your snack on without feeling guilty!

Organic Snacks

Our vending machines carry only organic snacks and beverages to power your day.

Wide Variety

We carry a wide assortment of hot and cold snacks, as well as fruit juices.


We stock our vending machines with foods designed to give you maximum energy.


The healthy snack choices in our vendor machines typically last for several weeks.

Quick Refill

When the snacks are exhausted we will replenish the items typically in a day or two.

Zero Risk

We place the vending machines in your location of choice with zero upfront cost.

Quality Snacks for Quality Workplaces