Why Offer Healthy Foods In The Workplace?

Professionals in the workplace are becoming more health conscious and are looking for ways to restore their energy

Healthy Foods Support Your Heart Functions

One of the best ways to increase healthy heart functions is to eat foods rich in healthy carbs and proteins.

Eating Healthy Benefits The Body And Mind

Not only is eating healthy foods important for your physical health, but also for your mental health.

We Are Big Advocates For A Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Here at DGJ Vending we are committed to supporting individuals and organizations that take nutrition and their physical and mental health seriously. Our vending machines are fully stocked with a variety of healthy food options that replenish your energy and make you feel good through out the day.

We set up in any location you choose: office, warehouse, manufacturing plant, construction site or anywhere else that your employees spend time on the job.

Best of all, there’s no risk to your company! We offer a free consultation to wallk you through all of our options and help you find the best solution for your company.


Our Vending Machines
Help You Become Healthier

When You Need Energy To Make It Through The Day,We Got You Covered!

With over 1,100 healthy drinks, snacks, and protein rich meals to choose from, your employees or customers will enjoy eating tasty foods that will increase their energy levels and overall health.


Organic food is food grown and processed without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers.


An increased number of people suffer from gluten sensitivity. Our products contain no gluten.


A low-calorie diet can help people lose weight by creating an energy deficit in their body.

All Natural

All natural foods are healthier for you because they don’t contain preservatives and artificial ingredients to preserve them.

DGJ Vending Offers Fresh and Healthy Snacks to Keep Your Energy Up and Get You Through The Day.

We have a wide selection of delicious snack options that are not only healthy but also nutritious and filling.